Melissa McCarthy Will Not Be Attending her Cousin Jenny McCarthy’s Wedding to Donnie Wahlberg

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I’m not going to lie. I did not know thatJenny McCarthy and Melissa McCarthy are related. The Tammy actress and former View co-host are cousins, apparently.

But evidently, they aren’t close anymore and as a result Melissa will not be attending Jenny’s wedding to Blue Bloods actor Donnie Wahlberg.


The National Enquirer reports (via Radar Online) that the two relatives used to be friendly, and Melissa was hired as a production assistant on Jenny’s sketch comedy show back in 1997. She also appeared in one episode of the critically panned series, which only lasted one season.

However, the Enquirer claims Jenny, a former Playboy Playmate, told Melissa she’d need to lose weight to have a successful career. “That really hurt Melissa, and now she’s having the last laugh,” a source told the tabloid. “She’s proving you don’t need to be a size 2 with fake boobs to make it!”

It seems Jenny, 41, wasn’t even intending to invite Melissa, 43, to her upcoming nuptials but during an appearance on Howard Stern‘s radio show, Jenny claimed Melissa would, in fact, be included. More drama!

The Enquirer‘s source says, “Before Howard put her on the spot, Jenny had no desire to invite Melissa to her wedding. Jenny feels she helped Melissa get a leg up in the business. But now that Melissa’s career is skyrocketing, Jenny feels [Melissa] doesn’t have time for her.”

Melissa did appear to confirm the feud when she made her own appearance on Howard’s show telling him that she wouldn’t be going to the wedding because she and Jenny are “on opposite worlds now.”

The real question is will Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch provide the musical entertainment for the guests?!