Susan Sarandon Weighs in on Woody Allen and Other Things

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Another Selfie
23 years later, Thelma & Louise take another selfie.
Take it or leave it, Susan Sarandon’s got an opinion on the whole Woody Allenfamily drama.

In a new interview with The Daily Beast, the 67-year-old actress says she has “issues” with the director.

“I think he really tore that family apart in a way that was horrible, and hasn’t really dealt with the aftermath,” she says of Allen’s relationship with Mia Farrow and their children.

“He’s always had a reputation for being with younger girls — I mean younger girls. And also, that young woman was very vulnerable, and I think it was very hard for the siblings, and certainly for Mia. You just don’t go there. You don’t go there.”

The young woman, is of course, Allen’s current wife Soon-Yi Previn.

Sarandon, who can next be seen in TheLast of Robin Hood, also shared brilliant (duh) thoughts on other topics. Here are some other highlights from The Daily Beast chat:

On marijuana:

“My attitude about marijuana or anything is, ‘Don’t be stoned if you have to pretend you’re not,’ so I’d never do drugs if I was taking care of my kids. I like doing it in the Grand Canyon, or in the woods. You want to be prepared and not have responsibilities.”

On her love affair with David Bowie:

“He’s worth idolizing. He’s extraordinary. That was a really interesting period. I wasn’t supposed to have kids, and I’m the oldest of nine and had mothered all of them, so I wasn’t ever in a mode to where I was looking to settle down and raise a family, so that definitely changes the gene pool you’re dipping into. But Bowie’s just a really interesting person, and so bright. He’s a talent, and a painter, and… he’s great.”

On that Thelma & Louisereunion selfie:

“There was a whole photo session and then they do this interview, and then I just thought, ‘Let’s take one of us.’ It was very spur of the moment. And you know what? My dog tweeted it.”

On going to Burning Man last year:

“I went all around on a Segway and a bicycle, which was great, and even though people sometimes recognized me and said, ‘Oh, it’s so cool you’re here!’ it wasn’t like walking the streets of New York. The art was amazing. You’ll find fantastical stuff like four-story women, and when the light comes up, a half-naked woman with a parasol.”

On New York City:

“Every time I leave for work, I’m so happy to come back. There’s just the serendipity of New York, too. There’s no room to be bored. I was walking by Union Square the other day and people were tangoing! Where else does that happen? I just love New York.”

We love you, Susan Sarandon. Never change.

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The Last of Robin Hood is slated for an Aug. 29 release.

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