Kim Kardashian Apparently Once Made Out With Brandon Jenner

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Kim's Bikini Body
Kim Kardashian shares yet another bikini-clad pic of herself.
Kim Kardashian may have recently given stepbrother Brody Jenner a “half-chub” (ewww) when he saw her naked body during a sexy photo shoot, but evidently Kim actually kissed Brandon Jenner once “back in the day.”

On last night’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kris Jenner teases Brody about having had a crush on Kim since they were kids, which prompts the 30-year-old Bromance star to drops a bombshell.

Brody reveals his older brother Brandon once swapped spit with stepsister Kim. They’re not really related, but it’s kind of still gross nevertheless, right? It’s not clear when the kissing incident took place either, but we’ll keep you updated.

Kim, who may or may not have a “selfie obsession,” shared a snippet of herself being photographed during a photo shoot in Thailand on her Instagram last night to entice viewers to tune into KUWTK.

Kim captioned the video: “Photo shoot in Thailand!!! Tune into E! NOW east coast!!!!”

The 33-year-old video game star was spotted in Los Angeles yesterday, showing off her ample cleavage and a whole lotta leg. To see more photos, launch the gallery above.