WATCH: Kim Kardashian Takes Selfie in Itty Bitty Black Bikini, Reveals She’s Making a Selfie Book

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Kim's Butt Evolution
A look back at Kim Kardashian's booty through the years.
Lately Kim Kardashian has been all about her sexy, bikini selfies… But just how the HECK does she get those angles?

Well, in a bonus clip from last night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she shows us.  And let’s just say it takes around 1200 photos to get it right.

The clip begins with Mrs. West chatting on the phone with her then-fiance Kanye in Thailand, explaining all the photos they’ve been taking on their vacation.

“We literally have six cameras,” she tells him.  “it’s ridiculous.  We look like crazy tourists.”

When she hangs up she heads over to one of the sitting rooms at the resort and discovers it’s another perfect backdrop for a selfie (obviously)!  So she quickly takes off her cover up, unveiling a super skimpy black bikini and makes sure to get all her curves with just the right angle.

“How many selfies are you going to do in one day? You’re like obsessed,” Kris Jenner asks as she marvels at her daughter changing outfits again to feed her #selfieobsession.

“I need 1200,” Kim explains.

So why would anyone POSSIBLY need 1200 selfies?  Wellp, turns out Kimmie is going to publish a selfie book for her fans… And just like her app, I’m sure it will be a hit.

Launch the video above to see for yourself!