Please Enjoy This Video of DMX Losing His Sh*t on an Amusement Park Ride in Orlando

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Kevin Hart Cries
Jimmy Fallon made Kevin Hart go on a roller coaster. There were tears.
Amusement park rides can be scary. Just ask Kevin Hart.

Or DMX. The 43-year-old rapper is the latest celebrity to lose his sh*t on a ride while being filmed. The only thing is, he didn’t know he was being filmed until the ride was nearly over.

Known as the “World’s Largest Slingshot,” DMX’s ride of choice shoots you out at a force of some 3-5 G’s while you’re some 390 feet above ground. If you dare to open your eyes, you’ll also enjoy a scenic view of Orlando, where the ride lives.

Watch DMX scream his face off in the video, above. (Courtesy of TMZ). Then watch the video again with some of your favorite DMX tunes. “Party Up (Up In Here)” works really well.