This is How Seriously Orlando Bloom is Taking the Justin Bieber Drama

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Orlando Bloom certainly isn’t going to let a little scuffle with Justin Bieber ruin his vacation in Ibiza…

While the 20-year-old was busy throwing shade his way, Bloom shrugged it off by boogying down with some ladies on yacht and appeared to be having the time of his life.

Not to mention, if Miranda Kerr was in fact the cause of the altercation, Bloom made even more of a point that he’s moved on from it all by getting awfully cozy with Australian model Erica Packer throughout the day.  Ironically, Packer is the ex of Australian media mogul James Packer who has also been curiously linked to Kerr.

Either way, the Biebs did not get the best of Bloom.  He took the higher road by not responding to the childish nonsense on social media, and instead decided to enjoy his time with friends.  Not to mention, the world is in big favor of a National Orlando Bloom Day following the punch, so I’d say he’s winning after all.

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