WATCH: Chris Pratt Shows Amy Poehler His Penis and Her Reaction is Priceless

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Chris Pratt is Cut
Chris Pratt shows off his fab new body!
Before I begin this post, on behalf of Chris Pratt, I want to warn you that this is no laughing matter as NBC really did not want this information disclosed to anyone…

On that note, someone better call up NBC’s human resources department because apparently he doesn’t really give a shit!

The 35-year-old actor stopped by NBC’s Late Night With Seth Meyers on Wednesday and told the story about that one time he flashed Amy Poehler his penis and almost got fired for doing so.  I mean, I guess it could technically be considered a sexual harassment case, but hey! All in the name of humor, right?!

Basically, the two were shooting a scene for Parks and Recreation where Pratt’s character was supposed to show up on Poehler’s doorstep, taking her by surprise by being completely naked.  Pratt was wearing skin colored boxers to film the scene–as they typically do for TV and movies–but Amy just wasn’t giving him the reaction they were hoping for.

Finally, on the third or fourth take, Pratt decided to actually whip out his “snake” (as he calls it) and really take her by surprise…And it worked! Amy’s reaction was absolutely priceless!

But, of course, NBC was not too happy about the situation.  “In the letter [NBC wrote following the stunt] they did say, like, ‘Hey listen, you can’t do this, and also, probably don’t go joke around about it. It’s not a joking matter.’ And it’s not,” the Guardians of the Galaxy star said, laughing. “You can’t do that because… I don’t know… Because you’re not supposed to!”

Despite getting heat from the network, the nude take was the one they ended up using on the show after all.

Check out the full scene in the video above!