Ed Sheeran Spotted Looking Über Comfy in Japan

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Taylor Swift feels for her scorned fans looking for an outlet.
Ed Sheeran is one smart guy and his airport fashion is exhibit A, choosing to be comfortable over fashionable every time.

The “Sing” crooner (and Taylor Swift‘s bestie) landed in Japan early Sunday morning wearing a sweater and matching plaid pajama pants. He even had one of those curved pillows we all get conned into buying minutes before our connection.

It’s always amazed me how celebrities travel these days, choosing the most uncomfortable looking ensembles they can find in an effort to look chic for the waiting paparazzi.

Yeah, I’m talking to you Lady Gaga.

Anyway, it’s nice to see that some celebrities have a bit of common sense. Ed looks adorable in his comfy clothes and I hope he keeps ’em coming!