20 Celebs That Were Almost Cast on Major TV Shows

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Jennifer Aniston on 'Friends'
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Katie Holmes was almost Piper on Orange Is the New Black? Olivia Wilde was almost Marissa Cooper on The O.C.?! That’s right! Some of the biggest celebs in Hollywood were thisclose to being cast on some of the most popular TV shows of our time.

How often does this near casting happen? More often than you’d think! We did some research and found 20 stars that were almost cast on huge shows! Take a look at our gallery to see the celebs that missed out on major TV roles!

Casting for TV shows can get messy sometimes. It all depends on scheduling, money, and chemistry. So, hundreds of actors can audition for a role, but it’s possible that only one person fits the part just right. Then, sometimes that actor is offered the part and they turn it down! When that happens, it’s back to the drawing board for casting!

Some of the most iconic roles in TV history were almost played by other people. Could you imagine the role of Rachel Green on Friends being played by someone other than Jennifer Aniston? Well, it almost happened! Want to see who almost got the part of Rachel? Check out our gallery!

After you scroll through the gallery, let us know what you think! Did the right person get cast in each role? Sound off in the comments!