EXCLUSIVE: Brenton Thwaites Finally Addresses All Those Taylor Swift Dating Rumors

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The rumor mill has been turning like crazy lately with dating gossip between Taylor Swift and her hot, Australian Giver co-star Brenton Thwaites (I mean, can you blame them?)… But what’s really going on between the two?

Well, I sat down with the Aussie actor (I know, lucky me), and he finally addressed the rumors…

“I mean, I feel like someone just pulled the biggest practical joke on me,” he told Celebuzz, laughing. “I did something wrong to someone, and someone got me.”

I guess there you have it.  Though she may reel him in someday (you know Taylor and her sneaky ways with men), they are not currently dating.

Speaking of relationships, Thwaites and co-star Odeya Rush have some serious on-camera chemistry in The Giver, giving the audience a look at forbidden yet undeniable love in the film.

Together, they join on-screen with Cameron Monaghan as the sort of “three musketeers,” forming a friendship that they swear will last forever.

However, if you ask Monaghan, Thwaites and Rush were not his two favorite people to work with… Check it out in the video below:

All three young stars do agree, though, that working with their highly-acclaimed co-stars Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges was a truly wonderful experience.

“[Meryl] was so sweet,” Odeya explained.  “I don’t know, maybe she knows people might get nervous, especially someone like me meeting her.  But she’s just really comfortable, really warm and so friendly.  And Jeff, too! They have a great vibe.”

Brenton added, “[Jeff] was so cool and friendly to me… Phillip Noyce can get quite tense and quite nerve wrecking, but [Jeff] was so kind and gave me a lot.”

Watch Brenton, Odeya and Cameron’s full interview in the videos above!

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