Yes, Kim Kardashian Is Publishing a Selfies Book and Here’s the Cover for It

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Are you tired of looking at Kim Kardashian‘s Instagram through a small screen on your phone? Do your thumbs cramp up after scrolling through multiple pages of her bikini photos? Well, you’re in luck because now you can get all of the reality starlet’s selfies in one book. ONE BOOK!

Yes, Mrs. Kanye West will actually be publishing a book of her selfies. Titled Selfish, the 395-page opus will be released Apr. 7, 2015 — because, you know, taking photos of herself is quite the arduous task — for the totally reasonable price of $19.95.

I mean, why look through Kim’s Instagram for free when you can pay money to look to see similar pictures, right?!

kim kardashian selfies book selfish cover
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According to the cover girl herself, the book was inspired by a series a photos she shot for husband Kanye West as a Valentine’s Day gift.

“It ended up turning out so cool that we came up with this idea to do a book — a selfie book,” Kim said during an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. “I’m going to make some, like, super-racy. I mean, every girl takes full pictures of their ass in the mirror.”

Quick! Someone pre-order a copy for Brody Jenner now!