So Why Did Olivia Wilde Decide to Name Her Son ‘Otis’ Anyway?!

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Olivia Wilde Gives Birth
Olivia and Jason Sudeikis welcome a baby boy!
I’ll be honest, I was really rooting for Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis to be the cool parents in Hollywood and name their son something a little more on the normal side like “Cory” or “Chad” or maybe “Kevin”… So when I found out they decided on “Otis” I was a bit disappointed (mostly because I had a class hamster named Otis when I was in third grade).

Since she gave birth in April, I’ve been wondering why the funny pair decided on such an old school name (used mostly now for dogs and hamsters and the such) for their son, and it turns out, it was with a very good intention.

Wilde joined the Today show this morning to chat about her passion project with the Global Citizen Festival and of course couldn’t help but touching on her most important project right now as being a first-time mommy to Otis–from breastfeeding to how she decided on that name.

She recalled she wanted something “soulful” and “timeless” for her son.  “We had battles over other names, [but] not with Otis!”

She continued, “I wanted to name him after Otis Redding, and I thought, if you like this one, we’re gonna go with this one!”

As for her stunning cover shoot with Glamour magazine in which she’s featured breastfeeding her naked son, she explains it’s never (ever) that picture perfect.

“Usually he has a diaper on,” she said.  “And I’ve never looked that good breastfeeding, and I never will.”

However, the photo itself did grow out of a “very organic moment,” Wilde explained.  “I was working–I was shooting the cover of Glamour, and I needed to feed my son… So he came to work and I had to feed him.  Either I was going to do it off camera or on, and I thought, you know what?  Shoot it! Because this is part of my real life.”

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