Greg Finley Dishes on Former ‘Secret Life’ Co-Star Shailene Woodley

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Greg Finley
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Shailene's Phallic Gift
Shailene Woodley gives Jimmy Fallon a phallic herb.
Greg Finley has nothing but love for his former Secret Life of the American Teenager co-star Shailene Woodley.

The 29-year-old actor was in attendance at the 3rd Annual Josh Hutcherson Celebrity Basketball Game on Friday, which helped raised money for the Straight But Not Narrow organization. We had the chance to talk to Greg about the game, what he’s currently working on, and of course, we couldn’t help but ask about Secret Life. Check out what Greg had to say in the interview below!

At the game on Friday, Greg was put on Josh Hutcherson‘s team and they ended up dominating! Before the game, we asked Greg was he did to prepare and he told us, “There was no preparation. I usually have no excuse, I usually play like three times a week, but I’ve been really busy lately. So I haven’t played in like three months, so I’m going to be sore and it’s going to be terrible.”

Greg Finley

What’s been keeping Greg so busy? He revealed to us, “I’m working on my own project called Danny Boy it’s a crime thriller. It’s my baby, I wrote it and we’re finally in pre-production and I’m proud of it. I just did Law & Order a couple months ago and I just found out I got nominated for an Emmy for it. So that was an honor and it was for playing a gay football player.”

When we asked Greg why it was so important for him to attend the charity basketball game, Greg told us the cause was very close to his heart. He explained, “My best girl friend just got married to a young lady and I’m from Maine and they just legalized it last year. I was just at her wedding two weeks ago and to see her marry the woman she loves was an amazing thing. This is great timing, I’m very happy to be here.” So sweet!

Before we let Greg go, we had to ask him about his former Secret Life co-stars. Since we were big fans of the show that went off the air in 2013, we wanted to know whether Greg still keeps in touch with his former cast. Greg told us, “Of course! I played golf with Daren (Kagasoff) three days ago. He’s like one of my best friends in the world. Megan (Park) has a movie coming out called What If and she’s my girl, I love everybody!”

And, how does Greg feel about Shailene’s success? He couldn’t be happier for her! Greg dished, “It’s well deserved. I’ll never forget the first day on set she was so quiet and so sweet and now she’s a big movie star! It’s crazy how it happens.” Aw! Fun fact, another Secret Life star, Francia Raisa, made an appearance at the game! Greg and Francia hugged and had a little reunion!

Greg Finley, Francia Raisa

We would love to see the entire Secret Life cast reunite! Should they do a movie? Sound off in the comments!

To learn more about the Straight But Not Narrow organization, check out their website HERE!