Through the Years: A Look Back at Hilary Duff’s Career Evolution

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Hilary Duff Splits
Hilary Duff separates from husband Mike Comrie.
Hilary Duff is one of the young stars we’ve watched grow up and truly rooted for.

I mean, how could you not love Lizzie McGuire?  She embodied all of us as a real 90s kid and became an icon of our childhood.

And since her role on the Disney show, the 26-year-old has become a fan favorite in many other areas–from music to movies and even motherhood!

Despite her struggling relationship and separation from husband Mike Comrie, she has continued developing her career.  Most recently, she came back from a seven-year hiatus from music, debuting two new songs (“Chasing the Sun” and “All About You“) from her upcoming album.

Launch the video above to see Duff’s full career evolution!