Watch: Selena Gomez Gets Emotional in First ‘Rudderless’ Movie Trailer

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Selena Gomez is showing off a very dramatic side in her new movie, Rudderless.

This film follows Sam, played by Billy Crudup, a man trying to deal with the sudden death of his son. Sam is struggling to move on, but begins to find comfort in his son’s music. Selena plays Kate, a girl who once dated Sam’s son.

Check out the trailer and get ready to shed some tears! This film is definitely going to be emotional.

After discovering his deceased son’s demo tapes and lyrics, Sam begins to learn every song. While performing at a bar, Sam meets a young musician named Quentin, played by Anton Yelchin, and the pair form a rock band!

There are a lot of powerful names attached to this movie. Even the director is a star! This film was directed by William H. Macy, and it was his first time in the director’s chair! It was really a family affair for him because his wife,¬†Felicity Huffman, also stars in the movie.

Check out the trailer to see what you can expect from this dramatic film!

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