The Cast of ‘Downton Abbey’ Has Officially Embraced ‘Water Bottle-Gate’

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With a wink, knod and a bit of cheek, the cast of Downton Abbey has officially responded and embraced what they’ve dubbed ‘Water Bottle-Gate.’ They’re also hoping to turn the attention into dollar signs for a very good cause.

In case you missed it, a very lovely promotional image for the shows upcoming fifth season was almost immediately made to disappear this week after some very observant fans noticed a seemingly forgotten water bottle in the background of the shot.

Instagram post on Saturday, acknowledging the mistake and using the uproar to raise awareness of the very real need for clean water around the world.

Captioned, “The cast of #Downton embraced ‘water bottle-gate’ today. To find out more, head to: #DowntonAbbey #wH2oops,” the post directs fans towards the website for WaterAid, an English nonprofit that makes drinking water more easily accessible to hundreds of thousands of people who desperately need it.

PBS will begin airing the fifth season of Downton Abbey in the United States on January 5th, 2015.