VIDEO: Watch Chris Pratt Substitute Ice with Vodka in Support of ALS

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Chris Pratt and Anna Faris
CREDIT: Splash News

Celebs who've doused themselves in freezing water.
A lot of celebrities have undertaken the ice bucket challenge and, in turn, have given us a lot of amazing viral videos in the process.

Well, Chris Pratt joined the ranks of those in Hollywood who’ve chosen to support the ALS Association today in his own, very special and unique way.

Because two people challenged the Guardians of the Galaxy star to dump ice cold water all over himself, Chris got creative and decided to include something we all should have thought of a long time ago…alcohol.

Choosing to drink Blue Ice Vodka right before he slams a Smirnoff Ice like a college freshman, Chris’ video is as hysterical as you’d expect. There’s even a surprise appearance from his wife Anna Faris.

And, just in case, you’d rather see a shirtless and brief-clad stud muffin get all wet for a good cause, Cristiano Ronaldo followed the rules of the challenge to the letter.

You’re welcome America.