‘Red Band Society’ Star Ciara Bravo Talks About Her New Show and Her Love for Jennifer Lawrence

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Ciara Bravo
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Octavia at Oscars
Octavia Spencer stuns at 2012 Academy Awards.
There’s a new show debuting this fall that everyone needs to watch. FOX is premiering Red Band Society on September 17 and you’re not going to want to miss it!

This dramedy stars Octavia Spencer as a nurse working in the pediatric ward of a hospital. We see her caring for a group of teenagers that are in the hospital trying to recover from various illnesses. One of the teen stars on this show is Ciara Bravo. You may recognize her as Katie Knight from Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush, but now Ciara’s playing Emma Chota on Red Band Society. Trust us, her storyline is definitely going inspire a lot of people.

We were lucky enough to talk to Ciara about her new show, plus she dished all about her celebrity crush and her dream of working with Jennifer Lawrence! Check out the entire interview below!

Celebuzz: Congrats on your new show! Can you tell us a little bit about Emma, your character?

Ciara Bravo: Sure! Emma is 16 years old and she’s currently living with an eating disorder. But something that I like about Emma is how she doesn’t let that get her down too much. She’s still incredibly driven and she’s so smart and she’s very witty, which I enjoy playing quite a bit.

Celebuzz: That’s great that you’re shining a light on a topic that affects a lot of girls like your character, young girls and especially teen girls. I think a lot of people are going to relate this show.

Ciara Bravo: I hope so and I hope that kids can come away something from this eating disorder. That they can find an inspiration in Emma and how she is looking out for help.

Celebuzz: You’re working with such a great cast, a lot them are young too! Have you become fast friends? Has it been fun working together?

Ciara Bravo: Oh definitely! I think being in Atlanta especially, it’s a new city for us all, so it’s been an amazing bonding experience. You know we’ve got Zoe Levin, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Charlie Rowe, Nolan Sotillo, Griffin Gluck, Astro. All of us, we’ve all become very close even just over the pilot that we filmed. Now that we’re in Atlanta for a full season I think it’s going to be quite the bonding experience.

Celebuzz: What do you guys like to do in-between scenes?

Ciara Bravo: When we were filming the pilot we would do like little jam sessions because a lot of them are very talented musicians. Obviously that’s not a part of the show but off set it’s just fun to mess around. We just sit around and talk and do normal teenage stuff I guess!

Celebuzz: How is it working with Octavia Spencer? She’s probably someone that young actors look up to. Do you look to her for advice on set?

Ciara Bravo: Yes, 100%! Octavia is an amazing person all around, she’s funny and she’s kind of become like the set mom. I know she doesn’t like to be called a mom, she’s like “Call me the cool aunt! Call me the cool aunt!” So that’s what Octavia is to us. You know she’s not giving us acting advice, she’s not like “Here’s what you should do.” She really letting us do that ourselves and be our own artists if you will. But she has an incredible amount of advice on the business as a whole, marketing and all of those crazy things, connections. Stuff that she’s very experience at. She’s such a wise human being and honestly I think we all have a lot to learn from her.

Celebuzz: I know Steven Spielberg is one of the Executive Producers on this show. Have you had the chance to meet him at all?

Ciara Bravo: Yeah he is a dream. I haven’t had the chance to meet him yet, but I’m hoping he’ll be able to stop down in Atlanta sometime and pay us a visit because he has been an inspiration of mine since my fifth grade general music class. We watched Jaws and I fell in love with Steven Spielberg and his work. The fact that I’m getting to work with him is unfathomable almost, it’s amazing.

Ciara Bravo
Celebuzz: You were on Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush, how was that experience? Was that something that taught you a lot about acting and being in the business in general?

Ciara Bravo: Being on Being Time Rush taught be loads about being in the business. The four boys were amazing for that as well. Just being on set and the way of life on set, doing school while still acting that whole deal was a wonderful learning experience and it was so much fun. I feel like I’ve gained some amazing relationship from it. You know with the four boys being like my brothers in real life and Scott Fellows (the creator) who is just an absolute genius, he’s amazing as well and getting to work with him was so great. I don’t know, just developing all of these amazing friendships. Big Time Rush was such an amazing experience.

Celebuzz: You played Kendall Schmidt‘s younger sister on the show. Do you keep in touch with him or any of the cast?
Ciara Bravo: I do! I keep in touch with pretty much all of them. You know texting here and there and meeting up for lunch when they’re in town. I really keep in touch with Challen (Cates) who played my mom. I actually babysit for her kids quite a bit, they’re amazing! I love it, I love every second of it!
Celebuzz: What made you want to become an actor?

Ciara Bravo: When I was younger I never really said like, “I want to be an actor!” I actually wanted to be a jockey, a horse jockey before I got into acting. But one day an agent came up to me, well not me specifically my mom was there and he was like, “I love your daughter’s look honestly if she’s into acting or wants to be a part of the modeling or acting career, please stop by my office. I would love to help out with that.” That was the first time I ever really thought that acting was a possibility. I loved it and I got so excited about it! I went in to his office and I went in to a talent expo in Dallas and I met my managers and my agents. I’ve been auditioning in the summers and a few weeks during the school year and I haven’t looked back since! Best decision I’ve ever made.

Celebuzz: You grew up in Kentucky, right?
Ciara Bravo: I did, yeah.

Celebuzz: Is there one thing that you miss from Kentucky when you’re living in LA or Atlanta?

Ciara Bravo: I’m lucky enough to go back to Kentucky quite a bit. My family’s still there so we make trips there. Half the year I live in Kentucky half the year I live wherever we’re filming. But the thing I miss most would probably be the neighborhood spots, like the Dairy Barn where would all drive up and get ice cream in the summer. My neighbor’s garage, we all hang out there and watch whatever sports game is on. We’ll shoot off fireworks, despite the fact that it’s not the Fourth of July. Stuff like that I really really miss. The warm summer nights, the bonfires. I love to have bonfires in Los Angeles, it’s one of my favorite things in the world. So I would say little things like that, just your classic Kentucky summer moments.
Celebuzz: You’re have a lot of fans on Twitter and Instagram. Do you love communicating with them social media?

Ciara Bravo: I love it! I feel like it’s so important to hear that feedback. And they don’t realize how much we actually do take that into consideration, things that they have to say. I feel like it really is nice to be able to communicate with them on another level. It adds a little more of a personal relationship with your fans and I think that’s always nice.

Ciara Bravo
Celebuzz: When you have a day off, what are some of your favorite things to do?
Ciara Bravo: I love to watch Netflix, binge-watch my favorite television shows. Also I typically hang out with my sister or my friend Gracie. I’ll take walks and try to find new little spots or new little restaurants that I like. Things like that.
Celebuzz: What Netflix show are you watching currently?

Ciara Bravo: Well I’ve got a few going right now. Orange is the New Black, Dexter, and I’m on season four of The Office.

Celebuzz: Do you any celebrity crushes?

Ciara Bravo: That’s a good question. I’ve always been a huge Freddie Highmore fan. It’s not even like a crush crush it’s like a friend crush. Like I really want to be his friend.

Celebuzz: Are there any actors you dream about working with? Anyone you would love to be in a movie or TV show with?
Ciara Bravo: I would love to work with, you know there’s so many amazing amazing people, but Jennifer Lawrence has been a huge hit recently and I think it would be cool to be able to work with her. I feel like she’s got like an explosive personality and I mean that in the best way possible. That is so amazing for your acting career and I would like to learn from her, because I don’t know what she did but she did it right! I feel like she knows what’s up.
Ciara Bravo
Don’t forget to check out Red Band Society when it premieres on Wednesday, September 17 at 9/8c.

(Lead photo courtesy: Benjo Arwas)