Jared Leto the Urban Jesus Leads Today’s Star Sightings

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Jared Leto's Evolution
The career evolution of Jared Leto.
OMG is that the son of God walking down the streets of New York City?! Nope, but he sure looks like a he could be Jesus Christ’s body double.

Taking his long locks and bush beard out for a stroll, Jared Leto was looking like a modern day J.C. as he he grabbed some iced coffee from a local cafe this week.

Fun fact: According to Alexis Arquette in a recent interview, the Oscar winner — aside from having a gorgeous flowing mane — is also very well-endowed.

“I had sex with Jared Leto back when I was presenting as a male. And, yes, it’s not only massive; it’s like a Praetorian Guard’s helmet,” she tells Frontiers LA. Um, take that how you will.

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