The VMAs Most Outrageous/Worst Fashion Through the Years

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The MTV Video Music Awards are known for a number of things: insane performances, bizarre award acceptance speeches, Beyoncebeing fabulous, Kanye West drunkenly interrupting Taylor Swift during her acceptance speeches…

Oh yeah, and also Lady Gaga wearing an all meat dress.

The ‘Artpop’ singer’s meaty ensemble is only one out of many outrageous fashion choices seen on the VMAs red carpet over the years, an event that always manages to bring out the crazy, the terrible, and the downright most ridiculous looks from our favorite celebs.

In anticipation of the 2014 VMAs, we are taking a look back at the most outrageous and the worst fashion choices through the years! Click through the gallery above to re-experience some ridiculous looks from the VMAs and sound off in the comments below about which ones were the most outrageous or the worst!

And don’t forget to tune in to the 2014 MTV VMAs on August 24th, if only just to see even more outrageous fashion this year!