Miley Cyrus’ Surprise Date Accepts Video of the Year Award on her Behalf, Talks Exclusively to Celebuzz

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Miley Cyrus created big waves again at the MTV Video Music Awards tonight… But it was much different than how she did it in 2013.

This time the 21-year-old “Wrecking Ball” singer brought a surprise date named Jesse along with her who ended up making a major impact on all those watching.

Talking exclusively to her sister Brandi Cyrus, who hosted the red carpet for CELEBUZZ, Miley mentioned both she and Jesse had a little something “special” up their sleeves prepared for the big night.

“This evening is kind of iconic because last year you stole the entire show,” Brandi told her sister.

Miley responded, “I hope we do the same thing [tonight] but in a different platform, and with a different message,” adding, “I kept explaining to people that I didn’t understand my power until last year, and now I understand how many people listen when I speak.”

So how did she decide to use her power this year?  With her surprise date and friend Jesse, who accepted the Video of the Year Award on Miley’s behalf, delivering an incredibly touching message about the heart breaking number of homeless children on the streets as Miley sat on the side of the stage and couldn’t help but cry.

Watch her exclusive interview with her sister and Celebuzz in the video above!