Julia Roberts Presents Kate Walsh With ‘Best Banana’ Emmy Award

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“Best Banana” is not actually a real category, but this is Julia Roberts we’re talking about, so we let her do what she wants. And hey, Kate Walsh was willing to go along with it, so why not? This not being a real award, there is no statuette, so the prize is today’s winning captions. (Not a bad deal, really.)

“Did this banana bi$%# just walk in front of my photo?” – Melodi

“Julia: But what about our ‘selfie’ Kate: bye felicia'” – Melissa

“And here we have the sun” – Renee

“Aren’t you just a ray of sunshine!!!!!” – Zina

“psshh Kate…I’m the centre of attention! Don’t come here looking like a dandelion!” – Tukuza

“Hey where’s my cheese going?” – Angel

“Be careful guys don’t slip on the banana peel!!” – Sally

“By all means please please walk in front of me while I am getting my photos taken…” – Jaleesa

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