Get to Know the New ‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules With These 13 Fun Facts

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Alright, ladies, admit it: After listening to Jason Aldean‘s “Big Green Tractor” you’ve totally  had fantasies about getting jiggy with a farmer boy.

Well, the Bachelor is finally (at least somewhat) turning those dreams into a reality by making Iowa boy Chris Soules their newest leading man who’s looking to find love.

And even if you aren’t into farmers, at least you know he’ll be a better choice than Juan Pablo Galavis… (Es okay).

So in order to get you hyped about ABC’s new hunky front man, I found 13 fun facts about him that will make you quiver in your cowgboy boots with excitement for the new season and wish you had sent in an audition tape.  Check ’em out:

1. He was Andi’s first date and first kiss.  He’s not afraid to make the first move and that is such a sexy quality these days.  Not to mention, getting the first date means he makes a good first impression–great for meeting friends and family!

2. He’s a rich farmer.  Chris studied agronomy and agriculture at Iowa State, which helped him turn his family farm into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Cha-ching!

3. His favorite holiday is Christmas.  Let’s be honest, any man who can admit he loves wearing ugly sweaters, decorating the tree and singing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” is a good pick.

4. He enjoys a good karaoke sesh.  He knows how to have a good time and not take himself too seriously… And it also looks like he has some pretty hot friends (Hmm…).

5. His favorite good is Double-Stuffed Oreos.  This means he’s never going to be skinnier than you (yay!).

6. He also loves tacos.  You know you want him to give yours a taste…….

7. His celebrity crush is Jennifer Aniston.  He’s a classy guy with a good head on his shoulders and will still love you even as you get older and younger girls get sluttier.

8. He wants to find an athletic girl. … ^ Going off that, you can get older, but you have to stay in shape–It’s great encouragement!

9. He’s a family man.  Not only does he work with his dad, but he also loves his sisters and all his nieces and nephews.  It’s refreshing to find a traditional guy who wants to start a family.

10. He has a fear of getting “accidental diarrhea” on a date.  That’s weird… But we kind of like weird, right?

11. He’s worldy. He’s traveled all over the place, which means he’s cultured.  He also took this picture on the back of another man so he’s totally cool in his sexuality (maybe unlike Juan Pablo).

12.  He’s manly yet also in touch with his softer side.  He posted a photo shooting a gun for ‘Merrica reasons.  And then a few days later posted a photo of a solo glass of white wine, while gazing upon the scenery.

13.  He’s also been arrested.  Now, I’m not saying it’s cool to get arrested, but a bad-guy-turned-good is pretty sexy… And according to RadarOnline, Chris does have quite the criminal record.

So are you excited NOW for the new season to start?  If you’re still not there,launch the gallery above to see some shirtlessBachelor pics (that’s sure to do the trick).