Keira Knightley Bares Breasts and Other Celebs Who Make Small Boobs Work

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When we get on the conversation of hot bodies, we often find ourselves chatting more about the voluptuous ladies like Kim Kardashian, Coco and Jennifer Lopez… But rarely do we see headlines about the women who maybe aren’t as curvaceous.

Today that changes–much thanks toKeira Knightley baring her small yet beautiful breasts for Interview magazine.

The 29-year-old actress decided to go topless for the high fashion photo shoot and cover story in which she interviews famed photographer Patrick Demarchelier, who is no novice to nude shoots.

Knightley, wearing only a pair of high-waisted black pants and lace gloves, looks absolutely stunning in the photo with a relaxed face and pursed lips–which she credits Demarchelier for perfecting.

“You said something really interesting to me on the shoot: ‘You have to relax your face, because that’s what good movie acting is, a relaxed face. It’s the same thing as having pictures taken.'”

“The face is supposed to be relaxed,” he replied. “The more you relax…”

“You’re absolutely right,” Knightley interrupted. “It’s very funny, because no photographer has ever said that to me before and made the kind of connection between the two things.”

And The Duchess star isn’t the only woman who’s perfected the art of smaller boobs.  Launch the gallery above to see more celebs who make flatter chests look HOT!