Reward Your Hard Labor with 25 Photos of Ryan Gosling in a T-Shirt

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Sit on Gosling
Jane Fonda has a $300 Ryan Gosling chair. Don't you?
RyGos Packs a Punch
Ryan Gosling gets a boxing lesson... for a film role.
A holiday wouldn’t be the same without some gallery featuring the one and only Ryan Gosling.

Let’s face it, you’ve worked really hard this summer (on your tan, your beach body, your selfie collection) and the last thing you need is a reminder that you have real work tomorrow.

So here’s a little something to distract you for just a while longer.

It’s no secret that everybody’s favorite (and hottest) Canadian looks good in just about anything: including a t-shirt.

So we’ve done the work for you and gathered 25 of the best photos featuring dear Ryan and the best thing made from cotton.

Launch the gallery, above, for what appears to be Ryan Gosling’s favorite wardrobe of choice. (Note: this display is best enjoyed with a working fan or cold beverage).