Britney Spears Spent $30,000 On Her Dogs in 2013

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They say dogs are a man’s (or woman’s) best friend… But does being your best friend justify spending over $30,000 on them?!

Well in Britney Spears‘ case, it does indeed.

According to new conservatorship papers, the 32-year-old singer spent an excess of $30K on two new puppies she bought in 2013.

The papers say she dropped $5,568 for a white Maltese in Jan. 2013 and $8,212 for a Yorkshire Terrier in July.  She then dropped more than $1500 on clothing for the pups (because, obviously), spending more than $650 in just one shopping spree.

Not to mention, she threw in $5,205 on dog-sitting and another lump sum for all the common pet expenses (like food, grooming, etc).  All in all, her pups racked up $31, 234.15!

However, while spending $30K on dogs may seem a bit crazy, let’s not forget she spent close to that on fast food alone in 2012!  At least she stepped thing up a little bit this year.

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