Iggy Azalea: Butt Doctor

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“Doctor, doctor, I’m having trouble… with my butt!”

“Then it’s a good thing you came to see me, world-renowned butt doctor, Iggy Azalea! Let’s take a look… Yes, it looks like you definitely have a condition with your butt that I am qualified to diagnose and treat, for I am a butt doctor! Here’s a prescription for today’s winning captions, which won’t cure you, but cause you to laugh so much you’ll forget you have a ‘problem.’ Haha, ‘Problem! Get it? I’m a doctor!”

*Receives Nobel Peace Prize for Butt Medicine*

“Yup, I think I can see Justin Bieber’s career deep in there….” – Shawn

“The moment you realize that you ain’t that gay as you think you are” – Khloe

“First things first imma smell this!!” – Che

“Shes a true redhead” – Ernest

“#AssFace” – Alana

“This is how u get pink eye” – Alejandra

“Nah, it’s definitely chocolate…” – Gillian

“Yep! That’s hemorrhoids.” – Susan

“Mic Cheek 1, cheek 2!” – Teresa

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