Are You Kidding Me With Jay Z’s Birthday Tribute Video to Beyonce? #Dead

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Bey & Jay at MIA
Beyonce and Jay Z cuddle at Made in America Festival.
In honor of her 33rd birthday today, Jay Z shared the sweetest video ever for Beyoncé.

And I literally can’t.

The video is exactly 33 seconds long–one second for each year of the singer’s life–and debuts behind-the-scenes footage from their On the Run tour together.

But my favorite part of the whole thing?  At the end you hear the rapper shout “Yeah, B!” And your heart immediately melts.

Jay captioned the video, “Happy B Day,” a phrase that was trending on Twitter alongside #BeyDay (because, obviously).

The tribute comes just a few weeks after the couple shared an adorable moment on-stage at the MTV VMAs with their daughter Blue Ivy (who totally stole the show), putting aside all rumors that there’s trouble in paradise.

Ugh, Bey-Z… You are everything.

Watch his adorable tribute video above!