That Time Nick Carter and Jordan Knight Talked About Their New Album (and Made a Bad ‘Hangin’ Tough’ Joke)

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Admit it: Nick Carter and Jordan Knight were your favorites from the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block.

Well lucky for you, the gentlemen are now a musical duo known as Nick & Knight. And lucky for me, they stopped by the Celebuzz studio for a quick chat earlier this week.

Nick & Knight, which includes the duo’s first single “One More Time,” dropped on Sept. 2.

“This is kind of more broken down, like, rhythmic, sexy,” Jordan said of the new sound. “We felt like we had the freedom to experiment and just be really creative and not have the pressure of doing some pop album.”

According to Nick, the name Nick & Knight was born during the NKOTBSBtour.

“We were underneath the stage and we would joke a lot before we had to go up during the concert,” he said. “I remember it actually coming up. It just stuck and we just kind of rolled with it.”

Speaking of which, Nick and Jordan are slated to kick off a North American tour in support of their new album later this month, with visits to Nashville, Chicago, Toronto, Phoenix, Vancouver and the like.

“We’re going to take people back in time and do some hits from the ‘80s and ‘90s. Just have a little fun, go down memory lane,” Jordan said. “We have a live band, there’s choreography. There’s high energy. Just fun.”

I also picked on Nick and Jordan’s brains to see which songs they would include in a Songza playlist for their mood of choice. They chose baby making, which, naturally, led to a little joke.

Watch it all unfold, and listen to the playlist, below.