Katy Perry Shades Taylor Swift With ‘Mean Girls’ Tweet

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'Bad Blood'
Taylor Swift has bad blood for a fellow female pop star.
Because life is often boring, it is important that we dig up the shadiest bits of #TruthTea from Twitter.com and other websites where celebrities post their thoughts, opinions, selfies, and promotional links. This is how one makes life worth living.

Yesterday, Rolling Stone released an excerpt of its feature on Taylor Swift, and it included an interesting tidbit about a new song called “Bad Blood” from her upcoming album. The song, Swift says, is about an unnamed female pop star — an enemy or perhaps just a frenemy — who “basically tried to sabotage [my] entire arena tour. “Internet detectives” (not a real thing) were quick to point the finger at Katy Perry, who allegedly poached some of Swift’s backup dancers for her Prismatic World Tour. It was all just rumors. Until Perry responded. (Dun dun DUN!)

Perry tweeted the following message early this morning, at the height of speculation:

“Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing…”

You might be thinking, “Silly Katy, the phrase is ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing!'” However, upon further thought, it is highly likely that Perry was purposefully referring to Mean Girls‘ Regina George, a character known for her two-faced, manipulative, and often cruel behavior.

You have to hand it to Perry: this is quality shade. Without naming names, we know exactly who and what she is referring to, and the internet loves a good Mean Girls reference. Upon seeing it for the first time, my reaction was:

And then I was a bit like:

And then I moved on to:

Before finally arriving at:

That is the emotional cycle of a good dose of #TruthTea, my friends.

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