Silk, Silhouettes, and Promises: Britney Spears Launches ‘Anemone’ Lingerie Collection

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Britney announces the launch of her new lingerie line.
Gone With the Wind. Citizen Kane. Titanic. Crossroads. All generally acknowledged to be among the greatest moving pictures ever made. Until now.

Britney Spears unveiled a promotional video short art film for the new Intimate Britney Spears Anemone Collection of lingerie today, and it has already become the most important film of all time.

In the 34-second masterpiece, over a haunting piano track, a lingerie-clad Spears writhes on a bed — so intimate! — and imparts deep poetic truths such as:

“I am the dramatic beauty of a city at night.”


“And the sharp vines of thin black strings that keep the dash of daring mesh and scalloped edges where they belong.”


“The Intimate Britney Spears Collection: Inspired by silk, silhouettes, and promises.”

You don’t need to understand what it means, because it’s art.

Sorry, literally every other promotional video film that was hoping to win an Oscar in 2015. Spears just snatched your weave.

We leave you with this: