Yep, A Herd of Goats Strolled into a Train Station in Spain

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Running of the Goats
Let these baby goats guide you through the work day.
It’s no secret that goats are pretty cool.

But who knew they had a thing for walking on train tracks?

On Tuesday, passengers and authorities took out their cameras and notebooks, respectively, as a herd of 17 goats were found on the tracks of a train station in Catalonia, Spain.

According to a security guard, the animals were “completely disoriented and frightened.” Like any goat whisperer, he apparently used a whistle and his voice to guide the creatures to an unused track.

“It was like I had been herding goats all my life,” he quipped.

This is the first time any goat has laid his or her hoof on a track at the station. Surprisingly, no trains were interrupted during the whole episode.

[h/t The Guardian]