Prince Harry Goes Full-Contact for a Game of ‘Murderball’

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Prince Harry apparently loves himself a little Katy Perry.
They don’t call it ‘Murderball‘ for funsies.

Prince Harry learned that the hard way on Friday, participating in a fierce game of wheelchair rugby that left his famous sister-in-law, Pippa Middleton, aghast.

Always being the sportsman himself, it’s not surprising that Harry agreed to play in the celebrity match at the first ever Invictus Games in London. But even though the paralympic sport is played in wheelchairs, designed specifically for wounded soldiers, it’s clearly very taxing physically for everyone involved.

That message is clear from the range of facial expressions found on Pippa, who watched Harry’s match from the bleachers alongside her brother James Middleton.

14 different countries were invited to and are participating in the games, which include events, in addition to wheelchair rugby, ranging from wheelchair basketball to sitting volleyball and indoor rowing.