The Sexiest Celebrity Skin Pics of the Week – 9.13.14 the

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Celeb Nude Photos
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I don’t mean to get cheeky…butt there were quite a few bootylicious celebrity Instagrams this week…and we can’t say we don’t like them.

Granted Miley Cyrus did “maturely” add an emoji over her booty. But even so, we know in a “perfect miley world” that red heart would be gone in a second and that’s good enough for us.

Kendall Jenner also joined the “Cheeky Club” this week by posting a picture on her Instagram that some mysterious “perv” took of just her tush peeking out from her short black dress, presumably while at New York Fashion Week.

Gotta admit that guy was definitely a creep but also admit that Ms. Jenner definitely has the tiniest tush in the universe. (Squat much?)

We collected 12 of the hottest celebrity skin pictures for you to oogle, admire, and maybe even cry a little to while wishing you could have Kendall’s booty (we all have, don’t worry.) In addition to Milez and KJ’s steamy shots, celebs like James Franco, Beyonce, and Ashley Benson were included in this week’s round-up as well with just as sexy of snapshots to share.

Launch the gallery above for some temperature raising pics of the hottest celebs and let us know who was your favorite in the comments below!

Also, be sure to check in next week for another collection of the hottest celebrity skin pics of the week!