Watch: Mindy Kaling Reveals She Almost Played Maya Rudolph’s Character in ‘Bridesmaids’

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Mindy Kaling sort of addresses her controversial Elle cover.
Can you imagine Mindy Kaling as “Lillian” in Bridesmaids? That actually sounds amazing! But, Maya Rudolph got the part instead, and she did nail that role. Tough casting choice!

Unfortunately for a lot of actors, that’s often the case. Two people can be perfect for a role, but only one of them can get the job! Mindy’s just one of a number of actors who’ve come forward to reveal their almost-castings. Want to hear what Mindy had to say about the role? Check out the video!

Mindy appeared as a guest on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live to talk to host Andy Cohen about her show, The Mindy Project. During the after show, Mindy was asked by a fan if there was a role she auditioned for that she was sad she didn’t get. Mindy revealed, “No one ever calls me in to audition for things because I’m so specific. But, oh you know what it was? Bridesmaids, which is a movie I loved. It was for Maya Rudolph’s part. I practiced it so much and was so into it and I loved that whole cast. That was one that was a heartbreaker.” Aw! Skip ahead to 2:10 in the video to hear Mindy’s answer!

Also in the video, you’ll hear Mindy talk about bad wardrobe choices alongside fellow WWHL guest, Meredith Vieria. Plus, you’ll hear Meredith talk about her former Today show co-host, Matt Lauer. This video is basically amazing, so you need to check it out!

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