Iggy Azalea Is So Spooky (You Already Know)

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Rapper and sex tape-haver Iggy Azalea is getting a jump start on her Halloween costuming, and at this early stage we’d have to rate her effort a C-/D+. Sheet ghost? We think you can do better, Iggy. Not better than these winning captions, though:

“Who dat! who dat! C-A-S-P-E-R” – Rollyn

“My sex tape is ghost!” – Steve

“Name of next sex tape…. Under The Sheets with Iggy.” – Brandi

“First things first, I’m the scariest” – Angel

“Make the paparazzi ask who dat? Who dat?” – Monica

“Im done with my sex tape can i be your boo” – Jonathan

“I’m not looking so fancy today” – April

“You should wanna bad ghost like this.” – Rollyn

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