Courtney Stodden is Distracted by Her Boobs at Art Exhibit With Doug Hutchinson

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Courtney Talks Sex
Courtney Stodden opens up about her sex life. Cringe.
Now that they’re officially back on, it’s time for Couples Therapy alums Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson to grace the world with more uncomfortable photos!

The surprisingly resilient couple was seen holding hands and planting kisses on each other at the World of Wonder gallery in Hollywood. Courtney, wearing a low-cut fringed red top, and Doug took in some pop art by Sham Ibrahim – it even appears that the two posed next to portraits of themselves!

Courtney had quite the busy night: throughout the event, the 20-year-old cupped her breasts, leaned forward to display her breasts, and turned to the side to expose some side-boob as well.

Doug, as always, stood back and gave an unreadable smile.

After separating back in November of last year, the couple was confirmed to have patched things up via Courtney’s Twitter. Despite claiming that she wanted to be “free and embrace my independence and not neglect my youth,” it appears that monogamous Courtney and her cleavage are just as capable of being liberated.

So, do you think Courtney and Doug are in it for the long haul, or is there another breakup on the horizon? Share your thoughts in the comments below!