‘Girls’ Star Adam Driver’s Yearbook Photos Are Pretty Much Amazing

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#ThrowbackThursday came a little earlier this week.

One of Girls star Adam Driver‘s former classmate unleashed onto the world some classic gems he tweeted out several of the actor’s yearbook photos in response to Kevin Lincoln‘s Grantland article on the actor. Like with all high school pictures, it’s endearingly cringe-worthy and with a full dose of nerd.

Spoiler alert: He’s the second left in the bottom row.

“I remember him well from school,” Driver’s former schoolmate, Brian Doty, told Huffington Post in an email. “I was never in any drama classes with him, but I did take a few art classes with him, and wouldn’t you know it … he was/ is an amazing artist. (I wonder what a high school drawing might be worth in five-10 years …)”

My guess? Priceless.