Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin Spotted Exiting Private Jet Together in LA

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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin sighting!

Cameras caught the 24-year-old actress and her 37-year-old boyfriend exiting a private jet together in Los Angeles on Saturday, Sept. 20. The couple had just returned from a trip to Las Vegas, where Chris and his band played the iHeartRadio Music Festival. Jennifer joined him for the trip and was spotted backstage at the show! It looks like these two flew back to LA to spend more time together! Check out our gallery to see all of the photos!

After weeks of speculation, we’re finally starting to get pictures of Jennifer and Chris together! While we’ve heard about their “super affection” dates, we haven’t seen much of this couple together, until now!

Even though Jennifer’s had a hard few weeks, with her nude photo leaks, it looks like she’s putting on a brave face. She went to Chris’ Coldplay concert in LA last week, and then she went to iHeartRadio this past weekend! Good for her!

In the pictures you can see Jennifer and Chris exiting the plane, and you can also see Jennifer holding a pink rose in the photos! Maybe a gift from Chris? Check out over 20 photos of the couple in the gallery above!

After you take a look at the photos, let us know what you think! Do you like Jennifer and Chris together? Sound off in the comments!