Shia LaBeouf Launches New Running Performance Art Piece

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Shia LaBeouf backpack photo

Shia LaBeouf Released
Shia is released from jail following arrest.
Shia LaBoeuf is apparently set to run a marathon around the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

This “meta-marathon” around the perimeter of the museum is part of the symposium Metamodernism: The Return of History being held on Thursday (September 25, 2014).

The actor has described the piece as “a multi-platform meditation on celebrity and vulnerability”, and will perform alongside Finish performance artist Nastja Säde Rönkkö, and Manchester artist Luke Turner.

The trio previously collaborated on another social media augmented performance art project, #IAMSORRY, for which LaBeouf sat in a room with a paper bag over his head ignoring the public’s attempts at engaging him.

On Twitter, LaBeouf gave a hint about the concept behind the marathon.


Anyone up for a road trip?