Zelda Williams’ Return to Twitter Has Us Feeling Extremely Emotional

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Remembering Robin
Celebrities react to Robin Williams' passing.
She’s braver than most of us could ever be.

Zelda Williams made a poised return to Twitter earlier this morning, and the results have us a bit misty eyed.

After facing unbelievable harassment on social media following Robin Williams’ death, the 25-year-old deleted her Twitter account in August. She quietly reactivated her account earlier this month, and now we hope that Zelda’s back in it for good.


It’s reassuring to hear through Zelda’s own words that the internet has provided comfort during her time of grieving. Fans took notice of the young actress’ tweet, and one even offered her a bittersweet welcome back message that she retweeted.

“Bearded sing off :)” wrote Zelda of the delightful photo, both breaking and warming our collective hearts at the same time. Welcome back, @zeldawilliams – we hope the internet is a much kinder place to you this time around.