Here’s What Kaley Cuoco Looks Like While Sitting On the Toilet

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Kaley Talks Nudes
Kaley Cuoco opens up about the nude photo hacking.
Kaley Responds
Kaley Cuoco reacts to the theft of her naked photos.
Oh, Kaley Cuoco.

The Big Bang Theory star, who has already responded to the massive celebrity nudes hacking in her own cheeky way after her personal naked photos were posted online without consent, is giving those searching for explicit material of the actress exactly what they’re looking for — again.

Though hackers reportedly did steal and leak a private video of Cuoco using the toilet, Mrs. Ryan Sweeting is proving that she really has nothing to hide by sharing a photo of the same situation. Amid the second wave of celebrity nudes hitting the Internet, Cuoco has posted the following picture on her own Instagram, writing, “@taraswennenlifeinstyle helping me get ready for @thetalk_cbs . #multitasking.”

Cuoco is one of the many stars hackers targets during the massive celebrity nudes leak. According to a “master list” shared on 4chan, one of the several platforms where the nudes were posted, over 100 female celebrities are said to be affected by the gross invasion of privacy.