WATCH: Chris Brown Gets Physical With Girl Who Tries to Kiss Him

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Chris Brown is under scrutiny yet again, but this time I’m not sure we can blame him for his actions…

While the 25-year-old was attempting to leave a club in Houston with his on-again/off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran by his side, another woman jumped in front of him, grabbed his face and attempted to kiss him.

The R&B singer dodged the bullet by swiftly knocking her aside.

The video, which was taken by a party goer and shared on Instagram, shows a brunette woman in a crop top waiting for Brown to walk by before she literally jumps on him in an attempt to land a fat one on his lips.

You can see Brown protect himself by putting his arm up an shoving the woman aside before he keeps moving through the crowd.

Of course several outlets, including TMZ, shared the video in a way to make it seem as though the singer was being abusive toward the woman–something Brown’s known to do in the past.  Now, I rarely have his back, but if you watch the video, he doesn’t even see what’s coming at him when the woman jumps to kiss him.  Not to mention, how would YOU react if someone jumped at you, grabbed your face and attempted to kiss you?

If I had to guess, we’d all react the same way he did.

Brown obviously saw the headlines today, and took to Instagram to call out TMZ’s Harvey Levin for breaking the bogus story (a post he later deleted).  The caption read: “This right here is what the devil looks like,” before it went into a long vent session about how Levin needs to “find happiness” in his life.

Harvey is just one of the many people Brown has instigated a feud with… Launch the gallery above to see more.

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