Amanda Bynes Was on Adderall at Time of Arrest, No Longer Taking Her Antipsychotic Medications: Report

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Amanda Speaks
The actress discusses her mental health.
Amanda Bynes was on Adderall at the time of her DUI arrest yesterday, TMZ reports.

A drug recognition officer suspected the actress of being under the influence of a stimulant when she was pulled over in Van Nuys, CA. TMZ alleges that the embattled 28-year-old has a prescription for the drug, and was “out of it” during her arrest.

However, the fact that Bynes has a prescription will not help her DUI case – the comedienne was technically operating a vehicle while impaired. It may, however, help in her probation violation for reckless driving.

More concerning news surfaces, as it’s also been reported that Bynes has moved out of her parents’ home and has swapped her antipsychotic medications for weed.

The former Nickelodeon star’s conservatorship ended earlier this month, and TMZ claims that while Amanda’s parents believe their daughter to be much better now, others “fear” for her being on her own.