Kim Kardashian’s Prankster Attacks Best Friend Ciara… In a THONG

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Vitalii Sediuk's Pranks
What the journalist did to piss off Hollywood.
Kim Kardashian‘s Paris Fashion Week attacker is at it again… But this time his target was her best friend Ciara.

Vitalii Sediuk–who attempted to tackle Kim outside of the Balmain show last week and then again at a Parisian restaurant over the weekend–showed up outside of the Valentino show today, rushing up to Ciara to hug her as she posed for photos.

But that’s not even the worst part…

The red carpet prankster was hugging her with his bare ass out, wearing only a thong and a bedazzled gold top.

He penned a public message on his leg which read: “Ban In USA, But I Rock Chanel,” which is likely in relation to his ban from the United States after attacking several celebrities at various red carpet events.

Luckily, Ciara wasn’t hurt… In fact, she barely even flinched and couldn’t help but giggle when she noticed what he was wearing.

If you’re wondering how he continues to get away with this nonsense, it appears Parisian officials don’t believe him to be a great threat and have decided not to take any action.

Launch the gallery above to see all the photos from the bizarre moment.