Kylie Jenner Shares Bikini Selfie Because Why Not

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Kylie Jenner sure loves to take bikini selfies!
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It may be fall and Starbucks everywhere have been cranking out pumpkin spice lattes like their lives depended on it, but it’s still swimsuit season in Kylie Jenner‘s eyes.

Reminiscing about the warmer weather, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared a bikini selfie on her personal Instagram, captioning the poolside photo, “Still feels like summer to me.”

The snapshot, presumably taken earlier in the year as Jenner has been rocking longer hair recently, shows the 17-year-old in a white two-piece taking a photo of her reflection on window. #SoDeep.

However, Jenner isn’t the only young starlet to be keeping bikini season alive in Hollywood. On the same day, singer and Jenner’s rumored nemesisSelena Gomez, shared her own bikini selfie because, well, why not? Los Angeles doesn’t believe in Autumn anyway.