Hugh Jackman Does the Crotch Grab Challenge, Yes That is a Real Thing (Photo)

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Hugh Jackman crotch grab challenge photo

Hugh Jackman Works it Out
Check out Hugh hit up the gym!
In the same vein as the #IceBucketChallenge, a new challenge has launched called #feelingnuts, which was created for a new charity campaign to tackle testicular cancer. The campaign’s slogan is, “Join our movement, share #feelingnuts, and get everyone checking their love grenades.

The new social media drive, titled the Crotch Grab Challenge, is in support of Check One Two, an organization raising awareness of the disease and urging men to examine themselves to spot early symptoms.

Participants are encouraged to upload pictures of themselves grabbing their crotch to or with the hash tag #feelingnuts.

Hugh Jackman posted a photo of his grab to Twitter, which I’m sure will help the campaign greatly.

He also posted a video of another ball grab.

Shortly afterwards, Ricky Gervais and Jamie Oliver tweeted photos of their own crotch grabs.


  Will you be joining the movement?