Per Beyoncé’s Request, Will Someone Get Jay Z a Breath Mint?

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It’s sometimes easy to forget that Beyoncé and Jay Z are humans like us, and sometimes humans have bad breath. So please, won’t you help out Queen Bey and get her husband a breath mint? She looks as if she can barely stand it. And then, help us out by checking out today’s winning captions.

“Jay Z : Can we get a hot dog

Beyonce : No for the last time” – Cal


“Ooooh sh*t here come solange and she gonna beat yo ass again” – Michelle


“J-Z: I can’t see over that stupid hat. The queen B: bite me.” – Pauline


“Bey to Jay: “to the left, to the left. The cameras right here baby, look to the left” – Ashley


“Damn Boy George wants his hat back” – Corrie


“When someone breath stank” – Chanel


“Jay Z: Bey I’m telling you we’re clearly under dressed!

Beyoncé: I know just don’t give any eye contact and we good!” – Clover


“Swerve, your breath stinks.” – Beth

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