Matt McGorry Used to Ride the Subway With Dascha Polanco And Wonder if They’d Make it

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Matt McGorry has become a name we can’t help but smile upon hearing after falling in love with his adorably awkward characterJohn Bennett on Orange is the New Black.

His sweet face is now well-known amidst TV gurus everywhere.  He even admits the loss of anonymity is still a bit startling for him.  So it’s crazy to think that there was a time he questioned whether or not it would be that way…

But there was!  In fact, in a recent interview, he opened up to me about the days before OITNB really hit it off.  Before anyone even knew their name, both he and his on-screen partner Dascha Polanco would wonder whether or not the show would make it.

“I remember in filming season one, before House of Cards even came out, we would ride the subway together and wonder if anyone would even watch this show,” he recalled. “We tried to enjoy the experience of it, but we had many conversations about [it, wondering] ‘Man I hope people watch it! I think people will really like it if they watch it.'”

Little did they know they’d be attending the Emmy’s together just a couple years later… And little did he know he’d be landing a leading role on one of fall 2014’s most highly-acclaimed shows.

Switching from sweet, charismatic Bennett on OITNB to a cocky, self-centered law student on How to Get Away With Murder, Mcgorry has come a long way from riding subways, defining himself as a top shelf actor in several realms of television.

Make sure to catch him in the second episode of Murder tonight at 10/9c on ABC.