Watch: Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson’s ‘Stretch’ Sex Scene Involved a Can of Fake Sweat

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How’s this for behind the scenes?

Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson are the talk of the town this morning, thanks to a making-of clip from their new film Stretch.

For nearly two minutes, viewers are treated to a before, during and after sex scene between the stars. Maybe treated is the wrong word, as the clip is anything but sexy.

From the fake can of sweat to Decker taking pointers from the many eyeballs in the room, the scene is more choreographed than Beyoncé‘s army of dancers. Wonder if things got this awkward for Wilson when he did the onscreen deed with Lena Dunham in Girls or Kate Winslet in Little Children.

Stretch, out on iTunes and Amazon on Oct. 7 and VOD Oct. 14, also stars Chris Pine, Jessica Alba, Ray Liotta and Ed Helms. No word on whether any of those actors had to get naked like their co-stars.

The clip may be NSFW and contains some bold compliments from director Joe Carnahan (The BlacklistThe Grey). Watch, if you dare, above.

[h/t Uproxx]